Why Follow-Up Matters

by reeger on October 22, 2017

Why Follow-upMatters

Welcome to the WLSP where we talk about obesity and BS one episode at a time. I’m your host, family nurse practitioner, Reeger Cortell. In this episode I am going to give you the breakdown on why follow-up matters after bariatric surgery in 11 reasons. When I started crafting this episode I knew I wanted to list the reasons why follow-up matters but I didn’t know how many reasons I would come up. Well the number is 11, go figure.

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Discussed in this episode:

  • A tribute to some of the hardships people have faced in the past month.
  • Why I love getting emails from listeners.
  • Christine’s email question regarding set-point after bariatric surgery.
  • Another listeners request that I dedicate an episode to why follow-up matters.
  • Tying these two questions together.
  • Why bariatric surgery is not like other surgeries.
  • The importance of education and commitment.
  • If weight gain is going to start after surgery when is the most common time of year (for Americans) I see it starting.
  • How your metabolism is like the heating system in your home and fat mass is the temperature that gets regulated.
  • How my office visits begin at Southern Oregon Bariatric Center.
  • Our Inbody BIA Scale.
  • The 11 Reasons Why Follow-up Matters- We go over: 1) Nutrition 2) Vitamins 3) Hydration 4) Physical Activtiy 5) Weight 6) Labs 7) Emotional Health 8) Co-disease monitoring 9) Subjective: How do you feel/what else is going on 10) Physical Exam 11) Coming up with a Plan.
  • Concluding thoughts.
  • Halloween jokes told by my husband, Adam.

Resources Mentioned
InBody BIA Scale
Geisinger Get 2 Goal App
Dr Connie Stapleton, PhD free weekly Facebook Live event
Dr Michelle May, “Am I Hungry”
Brene Brown PhD
Indirect Calorimetry

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