074 (Unedited) Set Point, Biology, Environment & Obesity: An Interview with Dr Randy Seeley

by reeger on August 8, 2016

074 Unedited Cut

What you are about to hear is the unedited version of my most popular episode to date: Episode 34, titled “Set Point, Biology, Environment & Obesity: An Interview with Dr Randy Seeley.” I first published the edited version of this conversation on August 17th 2014. Over the past two years that episode has had the most download of all my episodes. Beyond the download numbers, I know you find this content important because you email me and tell me how much the information in this episode has helped you. If you have never heard this episode before, you are in for an informational treat!

Dr Seeley’s research is helping to shine light on weight regulation, energy-balance, and set-point. Beyond that, his research is helping us understand the complex interplay between our internal human biology and our external environment that can result in obesity. Additionally, his research also looks at the critical differences between losing weight through nutrition and exercise alone and losing weight through nutrition, exercise, and bariatric surgery.

In this episode:
00:00 – 05:24 Introduction by me including THANK YOUs! to my new Patreon.com patrons and attending the 2016 Your Weight Matters convention in Washington DC
05:25 – 11:19 Initial chit-chat before Dr Seeley and I begin the official interview
11:20 – 1:07:56 Official Interview Covering the following:

  • What Dr Seeley tells people he does for a living
  • How he became interested in bariatric surgery
  • How is the answer changing to the question: Why do human struggle with obesity?
  • Set-Point Theory and Defended Weight
  • The role of the hormone Leptin: what is it, what it does
  • What happens when we go on a diet
  • Is Set-Point really set
  • Biology and Weight
  • Environment and Weight
  • Food as a hormone: WHAT we eat matters as much as how much we eat
  • Exercise: The difference between healthy muscle and sick muscle
  • What is the greatest myth about obesity
  • How does biology push back against weight loss and towards weight re-gain
  • When we regain weight, we regain fat, not muscle
  • Our brain cares about FAT, not weight
  • The important role of gut hormones and how those hormones talk to the brain
  • Why simply taking Leptin as a pill does not work
  • The “Bath Tub” analogy
  • What the research shows how bariatric surgery helps a person lose weight (It’s not exactly what we thought)
  • Bariatric surgery can be thought of as an Anti-diet
  • Does the type of bariatric surgery matter
  • Is there a test a person can take to help determine if one surgery will be more effective for them instead of another?
  • After bariatric surgery, why cravings and hunger go away, for a while after surgery
  • Why does hunger and craving come back for some people at some point after surgery and why that is actually a normal physical response that does not have to mean the person will regain all their weight
  • Reeger’s “Rule of Thirds”
  • Some weight regain after bariatric surgery is natural and to be expected
  • Where is the research going in the future

1:07:57 – 1:12:45 Bonus Content Post Official Interview
1:12:46 – 1:14:24 My Concluding thoughts
1:14:30 Bonus After the Conclusion

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