085 Elizabeth Anderson RD- Healing Your Relationship with Food

by reeger on July 23, 2017



In this episode I talk with Elizabeth Anderson MA, RD, LD. Elizabeth has been a Registered Dietitian for more than 16 years and has worked in community nutrition, industry, and clinical settings. She began her own counseling practice, lovingly called CrackerJack Nutrition in 2013 as a way to work exclusively with people on a bariatric surgery journey.

Elizabeth has a master’s degree in Nutrition Science from Syracuse University and is a member of the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), the American Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics’ Bariatric Subunit.

She is a regular contributor to several online blogs including MyBariatricLife.com, BariatricPal.com and ObesityHelp.com and presents at national meetings including most recently, WLSFA Sparkle and Shine in Portland, OR.

Elizabeth sees clients in her New Hampshire office and online. She also offers luxury bariatric retreats to help post-ops reboot their WLS goals. Her philosophy mixes science-based research with plenty of love to make the world taste good.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Elizabeth’s path to become a registered dietician in general and deciding to focus her career on bariatric surgery.
  • Why her business is called CrackerJack Nutrition.
  • Her personal history of having an eating disorder and how this has helped her become a better Register Dietician.
  • Learning to let go of a dieting mindset is a process and takes not only support but tremendous courage.
  • The influence of the writings of author Geneen Roth in helping her heal her relationship with food.
  • The tug-of-war and prison of dieting.
  • What “Food Rules” does she have, if any.
  • Common fears people encounter starting around 6 months post bariatric surgery.
  • The importance of Mindfullness when eating.
  • Working with Pre and Post-Op patients.
  • What services does she offer based on state licensure whether in-person or virtual.
  • An upcoming retreat in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
  • Our chit-chat after Skype dropped the call and we picked back up the conversation but were not formally in interview-interviewee mode. We talked about vulnerability of putting content out in the world, Elizabeth’s thoughts on creating individualized treatment plans, and our thoughts on the power of service and how we define that.
  • Bariatric Reboot online DIY program.
  • The importance of getting regular labs completed and taking regular supplements.
  • Resistance starches, aka, complex carbohydrates.
  • Why Elizabeth loves for people to have a lot of frozen vegetables in their freezer.
  • Organic foods: Yes and why.
  • Protein: Different types and answers to the question is all Protein created equally.
  • An important detail about pea-based proteins.
  • Reeger’s concluding thought.

Connecting with Elizabeth:
CrackerJack Nutrition
email: eliz@crackerjacknutrition.com

Connecting with Reeger
email: reeger@weightlosssurgerypodcast.com
Facebook WLSP

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