081 Moving Forward with Laura Van Tuyl

by reeger on March 19, 2017

Follow your dreams

In this episode I have a conversation with Laura Van Tuyl. April, 2017 is Laura’s 14th Barisurgaversary for having Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. We talk about many aspects of her journey but some of the highlights include her thoughts of how being a very picky eater as a child contributed in part to her eating habits as an adult who developed obesity. She offers advice for anyone who is currently parenting or grand-parenting a picky eater. We explore her adult years leading up to her decision to have bariatric surgery. Then we talk about how bariatric surgery affected her marriage and how she and her husband worked out a plan that empowered him to help her without fostering a power-struggle between the two of them. About ¾ of way through our talk we switch gears and talk about the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America which is a non-profit organization that Laura is very involved with as a volunteer and we discuss the WLSFAs annual convention which will be in Portland, Oregon this year on May 19th-21, 2017. I’ll be there and I hope to see you as well.

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Discussed in this episode

  • Early years as a picky eater
  • Her family dynamics that did and did not contribute to her developing obesity
  • Her advice to parents and grand parents of picky eaters
  • Her role as a grandmother mentoring her grand children
  • Weight gain during two pregnancies that was never lost
  • Early adult years of working swing shift while her husband was in college
  • Yo-yo dieting that only resulted in more weight gain
  • The 10 years she and her husband lived in Russia and thoughts on that experience as it relates to her weight and dieting attempts
  • Returning to USA led to more weight gain
  • A new diagnosis of severe asthma
  • A decision to have Roux-en-Y Gastric bypass
  • Why never being physically hungry after bariatric surgery is good and not so good
  • Her recognition of her food addiction struggles
  • How bariatric surgery created opportunities for growth in her marriage
  • “Code” words between Laura and her husband which help him help her
  • The critical importance of support for the supporter
  • If you’re not working on something moving forward, you’re going backwards
  • Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) raises funds for people to have bariatric surgery or reconstructive surgery
  • Who might qualify and where to apply for a grant with the WLSFA
  • WLSFA annual convention on May 19th-21st, 2017 in Portland, Oregon
  • Reeger’s concluding thoughts on how to move forward

Connecting with Laura
Email: Laura@wlsfa.org

Connecting with Reeger
Email: reeger@weightlosssurgerypodcast.com
WLSP Facebook Page

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