078 Gathering Knowledge with Amy Swayzee

by reeger on December 11, 2016



In this episode I talk with Amy Swayzee who had gastric sleeve in May of 2015. We talk about her life before bariatric surgery, how she came to the realization that bariatric surgery was not cheating or the easy way, and that if she was finally going to bring her weight under control perhaps she should seriously consider bariatric surgery as part of her treatment options. But first, she needed to understand bariatric surgery better and learn more. A lot more. This desire for more understanding lead her on a journey of knowledge-gathering that continues to this very day.

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In this Episode Amy and I discuss:

  • Amy’s history of weight gain and dieting and why she began to seriously consider bariatric surgery
  • Dr Duc Vuong’s Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success Book
  • WLS Podcast episodes featuring Duc Vuong: Episode 46 and Episode 47
  • The 7 Ingredients of a Bari Great Life: The right nutrition, the right physical activity, the right hydration, the right vitamins, the right support, the right mindset, and the right surgery.
  • Pandora Williams Episode 63
  • Jeff Newell Episode 42, Episode 43, Episode 49, Episode 55, Episode 71
  • People Magazine recent positive coverage of a woman who had bariatric surgery: Here
  • Bariatric Weight Loss Family Facebook Group
  • Failure does not exist. Instead: Act, Evaluate, Pivot (if needed)
  • Dr Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability
  • Rev Philip Tanner Episode 51
  • The World According to Eggface Website
  • Amy’s relationship with her family and friends
  • Its not all about the scale
  • Medication to help prevent nausea related to anesthesia: Emend (Aprepitant) 40mg by mouth 3 hours prior to surgery
  • Post-bariatric surgery hair loss
  • Dr Michelle May: Episode 35 Am I hungry?
  • Kamal Ravikant: Love Yourself Like Your Life depends On It
  • Expect the bounce of some weight regain
  • Don’t focus on calories, focus on protein and water

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