070 Reeger Cortell FNP: An Interview by Rob Portinga

by reeger on May 9, 2016



Presenting Your Host, Reeger Cortell, FNP

Over the last 18 months or so, I, Rob Portinga, have had the pleasure of going from being a guest, to being a contributing host on the Weight Loss Surgery Podcast (WLSP). It was started by Reeger Cortel, FNP nearly three years ago now.

One of the driving themes, and probably why it’s been as successful as it has been, is Reeger’s ability to just get people to share their story. And while she doesn’t recall it, ever since Reeger first asked me to work with her on this project, I’ve wanted to do an episode where we talked about her story. Well back in March, the WLSP hit a milestone, reaching 100,000 downloads via iTunes. So I decided that’s it, it’s time.

Unfortunately, it took a little bit of schedule manipulation for the two of us to find a chance to do a recorded conversation. Then, it took me much longer than it should have to get the editing done. But, finally, here we are.

In this episode, Reeger to tell us her story, from her start in art school, to the world travels and how that led to her to pursue a degree in nursing to how when she first started, how she had … or at least thought she had… no interest in bariatric surgery, then how she ended up not just working for a bariatric center but redefining what her role in that center would be. And part of the redefining her role was producing this podcast. Towards the end, we start rounding out the discussion with what Reeger hopes listeners take away from listening to the podcast, but also what she has gotten out of the experience of doing this podcast.

Now I know, that at about 90 minutes, this episode is much longer than the typical ones that are part of the WLSP, however I think you will find taking that extra time will really be worth it. The insight you’ll get in to the person behind this podcast that you all have been enjoying these last few years, well, I just couldn’t bear to edit any of it out.

Side note, there’s a point at about 58 minutes in where Reeger comments how her dog is barking in the background… as I was doing the editing, at that moment, my neighbors dog started barking. Coincidence?

Memorable Quote: “Our job is to be here, and your job is to get here.”

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Mentions in this Episode:
Obesity Action CoalitionYour Weight Matters – Annual Convention
Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America
Google Scholar

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