068 Understanding Lipedema with Sarah Bramblette and Karen Herbst, MD, PhD

by reeger on March 15, 2016


episode 68-2

In this episode I bring you my conversation with Sarah Bramblette. As you are about to hear, Sarah is many things but above all she is an inspirational mix of hardwork, intelligence, grit, compassion, and determination. She is everything you would want in a loved one, a friend, a daughter, and an obesity advocate. Sarah’s story is an important one because it’s not just about obesity but a particular type of obesity of called Lipedema and its partner in crime, Lymphedema.

To help you understand lipedema and lymphedema from the medical perspective, you will also meet Karen Herbst, MD, PhD, a national leading expert in the field of fat disorders. Dr Herbst is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona as well as the director of the Treatment, Research, Education, Adipose Tissue (TREAT) Program in the Department of Medicine at the College of Medicine, University of Arizona.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Sarah’s explanation of lipedema and lymphedema
  • Sarah’s childhood including family and school life
  • What we know about lipedema from Dr Herbst’s perspecitve
  • Does lipedema respond to calorie restriction and increasing physical activity
  • What we know about the causes of lipedema
  • Sarah’s struggles to get medical help as a young adult
  • Treatment of lymphedema
  • Lipedema: A disease with a million frustrations and few answers
  • Sarah’s choice to have RYGB and her subsequent weight loss
  • The first time Sarah was officially diagnosed with lipedema
  • How is lipedema medically diagnosed
  • Fat cells under a microscope
  • The stages of lipedema
  • Where the fat is found matters to ones metabolic health
  • Sarah’s complicated journey and need for more surgeries
  • Sarah as tenacious health advocate
  • How is lipolymphedema potentially deadly
  • How is lipedema treated: Complete decongestive therapy, supplements, medications, and liposuction

Organizations mentioned in this episode
Obesity Help
Obesity Action Coalition

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Pattie Cornute March 19, 2016 at 2:20 am

Thank you Sarah, for all you do!


Jennifer Walker March 22, 2016 at 5:56 pm

This has been amazing Reeger….sheds tremendous light on my own journey….not so extreme… but there non the less…I don’t feel as intimidated by my body now, it is what it is, and I can endeavor to take care of myself even better…


reeger March 23, 2016 at 5:46 pm

I am very glad you found this information helpful, Jennifer. : ) Reeger


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