065 After the After with Nikki Massie

by reeger on January 2, 2016



In this episode, I bring you my conversation with Nikki Massie. Nikki is many things within the bariatric surgery community including a bariatric surgery patient who had Roux-enY Gastric Bypass in 2008, the creator of the ever popular website Bariatric Foodie where she encourages you to “play with your food,” a prolific blogger, a storyteller, a mentor, a thought leader, and I would even include a multifaceted activist for not only the obesity and bariatric surgery communities but also for the resiliency of the human spirit in everyone.
In this episode, Nikki tells you her story from the very beginning to her current day life. There is so much in this episode, so many pearls of wisdom won out of challenge and hardship, that I feel I would be doing you and Nikki a disservice if I edited out any of what she shares with you. So here it is, all two hours of our unedited conversation. Do yourself and your healing journey a favor and listen to every last minute of this episode.

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