053 Dr Walter Medlin A Bonus Life

by reeger on May 24, 2015


053 A Bonus LifeDr Walter Medlin is a bariatric surgeon at the Bariatric Medicine Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr Medlin is also a bariatric surgery patient, having had gastric sleeve.

In this episode Dr Medlin and I discuss:

  • His personal history with the disease of obesity
  • The influences that led him to become a bariatric surgeon
  • How he came to his decision to have bariatric surgery
  • Where his personal and professional lives both met, as well as diverge
  • How he helps his patient’s figure out what works for them after bariatric surgery
  • Discrimination that provider’s of bariatric surgery can face
  • Helping patient’s follow-up
  • Telemedicine
  • How can a patient or their provider know when the person is ready for surgery
  • Is it right to obligate people to wait before they have surgery
  • The role of stress management in longterm success
  • The emotional value versus liability of a person’s scale weight
  • Some of the conflicts that can be confronted after surgery
  • “Kryptonite” after surgery
  • What is success and who decides
  • How to get to be a butt-kicking eighty year old
  • Choosing between surgical options
  • The future of bariatric surgery

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Finding Onederland July 22, 2016 at 1:56 pm

The thing I loved about this episode is that here is a medical professional, a surgeon, self proclaimed type-A personality that discusses how hard losing weight can be, that “knowing what to do” is not the answer. I have struggled with obesity all of my adult life. I am never not thinking about what I should or should not be eating, or feeling guilty for what I have or have not eaten.

This discussion makes me feel less inferior about my weight struggles. Less shameful and guilty that I have not overcome this hurdle myself. This has been the one thing that I have not been able to defeat. I have a great 20 year marriage, two wonderful children, I am a successful professional. But this one thing. The weight. My relationship with gravity. As he said, it grates on us, it builds up in us, and it is internalized.

Reeger, thank you for this podcast.


reeger July 30, 2016 at 3:59 pm

Dear Finding Onederland, Many people express the same sentiments when they hear this particular episode. They feel shock, awe, and gratitude that a bariatric surgeon TOTALLY and personally “gets” it. We need more voices like his speaking up. In caring and kindness too you, Reeger


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