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by reeger on May 10, 2015

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Katie Jay is the founder/director of the National Association for Weight Loss Surgery. She holds a masters degree in social work (MSW), is a certified WLS life coach, and is author of  Dying to Change: My Really Heavy Life Story, How Weight Loss Surgery Gave Me Hope for Living. Recognized as a leading spokesperson for WLS, she is an inspiring speaker and prolific writer.

In this interview, conducted by Rob Portinga, Rob and Katie look at the changes Katie has faced in her life including recovering from alcoholism, undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 2004, and becoming a breast cancer survivor – and how through all of this she has learned to use the practice of self-awareness and self-compassion to help her not only come to terms with struggles she has faced but also accept who she is and thereby be able to reach out and help others as well.

She continues to do personal coaching and has plans to do more workshops, retreats, and even has plans for another book in the near future.

You can reach Katie Jay through her website at:
National Associate for Weight Loss Surgery
or by emailing her at katiejay@nawls.com

You can reach Rob Portinga at:
Rob on Facebook
Rob on Twitter

You can reach Reeger Cortell at:
Reeger at WLSP Facebook
Reeger at Southern Oregon Bariatric Center Facebook
Reeger on Twitter


Rob Portinga and Reeger Cortell, FNP


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