050 Ten Obstacles to Bariatric Surgery with Rob Portinga

by reeger on March 15, 2015



In this episode, I bring back our WLSP friend, Rob Portinga. Perhaps you remember Rob from episode 36 when I interviewed him about his experience with life before and after bariatric surgery. I am bringing Rob back to have a different kind of conversation and role with the podcast. In this episode, Rob and I go over the ten obstacles people considering bariatric surgery can face. I have also invited Rob to help me move the podcast forward and evolve. He and I are still figuring out what this will look like and how we will proceed, but the agreed upon goal is to continue to help those of you on a Bari Great Life journey through bringing you more and varied content. We will tell you more as we know more!

Discussed in this Episode:
How the ten obstacles to bariatric surgery came to be written and why
What are the ten obstacles:
1. Financial: No insurance benefits, out of pocket costs too high, and cannot afford to miss work to have surgery
2. Fear: Medical complications, not losing weight, weight regain, loss of food as BFF, and general change.
3. Independence and Self-Reliance: “I don’t need bariatric surgery to help me lose weight.”
4. Negative Press: People magazine annual edition of 100 pounds loser “No Surgery, No Gimmicks” and Dr H of the Biggest Loser talking negatively about bariatric surgery.
5. General Negativity: Society sometimes considers bariatric surgery the “easy way out.”
6. Resistance from Families and Friends: Resistance can be concern for complications and/or discrimination against obesity in general and bariatric surgery specifically.
7. Internal Locus of Shame: Shame keeps people small and not asking for help, “I was too embarrassed to ask for help.”
8. Lacking Knowledge about Surgery: Learning about bariatric surgery can be overwhelming and intimidating.
9. Lacking Knowledge of One’s Own Obesity: People do not seek care for problems they do not know they have.
10. Resistance from PCP: “I asked my doctor and he refused to refer me.”

Mentions in this episode:

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As I mentioned at the end of this episode, I will not be posting any new episodes until April 19th, 2015. I am going on a trip to Italy and Greece with my 12 year old daughter, and 48 other people most of whom are between the ages of 12 and 14 (Yicks! LOL).

Thank you for being a loyal listeners and never forget, I believe in you!


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