047 Dr Duc Vuong: Touching Souls, Part 2

by reeger on February 2, 2015


2Dr Duc Vuong

This is Part 2 of my conversation with Dr Duc Vuong, bariatric surgeon and director of Lovelace Bariatrics in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr V, as his patients call him, is not only a surgeon, but also a speaker, author, and out-of-the-box thinker when it comes to caring for bariatric surgical patients. If you have not yet listened to Part 1, episode 46, please do not miss it. It is packed full of education and inspiration.

Discussed in this Episode: 

  • The Two Primary Emotions of Love and Fear
  • What you need to do to you make sure you don’t regain the weight
  • Why we hold on to negativity
  • Why Dr Vuong currently considers himself a “Sleeve guy”
  • Who is responsible for the life you live
  • The importance of letting go of labels
  • Why babies are born happy
  • Being Okay with your emotions and the tears that come
  • Having obesity and bariatric surgery insurance coverage does not determine surgical readiness
  • Finding the time
  • Why understanding your truest, highest self is so important
  • Dr V’s thoughts on addiction
  • The power of choice in this moment
  • What Buddhist teaching tells us about why obesity occurs
  • The nature of change
  • Letting go of shame and blame
  • Why dieting in secret does not work
  • Where to start, today, right now

Mentions in this Episode
Dr Vuong on Facebook
The book: A Course in Miracles
Lovelace Bariatrics
Link to Dr Vuong’s Ultimate Gastric Sleeve Success book:

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Bobbi February 10, 2015 at 8:23 am

Dr Vuong – You have made me a believer. I listened to the first podcast – yet I am typing this before I have listened to your next episode.

I am someone that I feel is excluded by most of the bariatric community. I am a 33Bmi candidate who is really keen on the sleeve surgery. I am a mother of 2; I am 44 and I have struggled with my weight since I was 8 yrs old. (36 years) I have never reached the BMI that many of your patients have reached and yet I think I am just as worthy. While I am a few points below most global WSL surgery standards, I am truly struggling to reach my goal. I have reached my goal many times over the years and then regained to a level that made it a real struggle to reach my numbers. I have an appt with a WLS company in March and I will post my result.

Dr Voung you amaze me, you make me well up with


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