045 Puzzling it out with John Bukenas

by reeger on January 6, 2015


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In this episode I catch up with my friend John Bukenas of the Let’s Reverse Obesity Podcast. If you have been following my podcast for a while, you will remember I interviewed John last year in episode 26 titled “Considering WLS? A Conversation with John Bukenas.”

Because I care about John and his journey, I reached out to him recently and he agreed to come back on to catch us up on how he has been doing. We cover a lot of ground in this episode. Hopefully I’ve helped him look at how perhaps some of his past events are contributing to his current struggles, especially his thought processes. Even though only John can be the judge of whether I’ve helped him or not, perhaps in listening to this conversation, you might see how some of your own current thoughts might be tethered to your past; And in seeing this, you can begin freeing yourself of thoughts that do not serve you. You have a choice in this matter. You can puzzle it out and you can change your mind.

Mentions in this episode:
Brooke Castillo 
Brooke Castillo’s The Life Coach School Podcast

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