044 Weighing in on Emotions with Dr Alexis Conason

by reeger on December 22, 2014


fairDr Alexis Conason is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in New York City. She is also a researcher, author, and speaker. One of her particular areas of interest includes helping people along their bariatric surgery journey.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How she became interested in working with people who are undergoing bariatric surgery
  • What is “symptom substitution”
  • What is “transfer addiction” and who might be at risk for it after bariatric surgery
  • How shame can hold people back from getting the help they need
  • What post-bariatric surgery problems people anticipate before surgery ever happens and what type of problems they actually confront more often
  • How, for better or worse, having bariatric surgery can change social interactions and dynamics
  • Dr Conason’s research findings on sexual functioning after bariatric surgery
  • The ME Revolution
  • Why questioning your thoughts can be a very important part of your healing journey
  • Why compassion and curiosity should replace punishing self-criticism

Mentions in this episode
Dr Alexis Conason’s website
Dr Conason’s Anti-Diet Blog
Dr Conason’s Eating Mindfully Blog in Psychology Today
The Mindfulness App
Weight Loss Surgery Podcast Facebook
Southern Oregon Bariatric Center Facebook

Bonus Content: A Christmas song by my 17 year old daughter, Taylor.

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