042 Defying Obesity with Jeff Newell

by reeger on November 26, 2014




Jeff Newell is about to have bariatric surgery (early December, 2014). This episode is the start of a new, semi-regular series following Jeff as he transitions from life before bariatric surgery to different points in time after bariatric surgery .

In This Episode We Discuss: 

  • How Jeff came to decide on Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
  • His history that contributed to developing obesity
  • Confronting discrimination
  • Discovering the Obesity Action Coalition
  • Why he founded DefyingObesity.org
  • Rediscovering physical activity in the pool
  • Co-morbid conditions
  • His primary care physicians opinions on bariatric surgery
  • The difference between men and woman when it comes to pressures to be thin and seeking help
  • What problems Jeff hopes bariatric surgery will help him solve
  • Why Jeff changed his mind about the requirement for pre-surgery medical weight management
  • His thoughts on bariatric support groups
  • His relationship with his wife
  • His goals for the future

Mentions in This Episode: 

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Obesity Action Coalition  (JOIN TODAY!)


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