041 Never Give Up with Nanette Wilson Adams, M.Ed

by reeger on November 16, 2014

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Nanette Wilson Adams, M.Ed is both a receiver of bariatric care and a provider of bariatric care as a licensed professional counselor. In this interview she shares her personal and professional journey’s including:

  • Her childhood and the conflicts she felt about gaining weight
  • The point at which she became more interested in nutrition and fitness
  • Her decision to have a gastric band
  • Her success with the band
  • Her struggles with the band
  • The surgical emergency that resulted in her band being removed
  • Post-band removal weight gain despite doing everything she could to prevent it
  • The importance of reaching out to others when you are struggling
  • The surprising turn of events that resulted in her going to Mexico for a gastric sleeve
  • Her thoughts and advice for anyone considering medical tourism
  • How her journey has been in the past year since her gastric sleeve
  • What are the differences for her between having had a band and now a gastric sleeve
  • Her profession as a bariatric-focused licensed professional counselor
  • Why and for whom she thinks the pre-bariatric surgery psychological screening is important
  • Methods that she uses to help her clients before and after bariatric surgery

Mentions in This Episode:
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Obesity Help
Obesity PPM
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