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by reeger on September 28, 2014


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Lea Crosetti Andes is the founder and creator of BariAthletes™. Lea is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics. Lea has many years of experience specializing in not only nutrition and exercise, but specifically nutrition and exercise for a person who has undergone bariatric surgery, hence the term she coined, BariAthletes™.

Lea created her brand and business, BariAthletes™ when she saw more and more of her post-op bariatric patients lose weight and start training for endurance events, everything from a 5K to longer and longer distances. This of course was great, but Lea was finding that her bariatric patients did not necessarily know how to fuel their new bodies for endurance sports, especially because these endurance events require a fuel regimen that includes a larger amount of carbohydrates than the typical person who has had bariatric surgery is used to eating. Because of this, bariatric athletes were at a loss as to how to fuel themselves properly for training, competing, and the all important recovery.

To help solve these important nutritional dilemmas, Lea founded BariAthletes™ as a way to better assist post-bariatric atheletes formulate a unique nutrition plan to meet their specific needs and goals. BariAthelets™ is now not only Lea’s full-time job, it is safe to say it is her full time passion as well.

In This Episode We Discuss:

  • Lea’s background and how she has come to do the work she is doing.
  • Overcoming any mental blocks of “I am not an athlete.”
  • Who are her typical clients and what are their athletic goals.
  • How she helps her clients achieve their goals.
  • Physical limitations: There is always something people can do.
  • The importance of modifying goals based on each person abilities and desires.
  • Nutrition: Macronutrients of protein, carbs, and fats- how she helps people establish proper nutrition to meet their needs and goals.
  • When bringing carbs back into the diet, what carbs is she talking about.
  • What is an inclusive, whole food eating plan.
  • How does a person who never feels hungry follow an intuitive eating plan.
  • Protein: When we are talking protein supplements, what is the optimal source.
  • Micronutrients: Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Weight Loss Plateaus: What to do about them.
  • What is more important: Aerobic fitness or muscle building by weight training.
  • The secret weapon of sleep.
  • Managing expectations when it comes to perceived effort and expected results.
  • Injuries happen: Athletes do get injured. How to turn a set-back from an injury into a positive, learning opportunity.
  • Tactics for making time to exercise.
  • Lea’s inspiring take-home message.

One of my favorite quotes from the episode: Find your inner spark and let that spark ignite!

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