032 Boldly Embrace Your Inner Queen or King with Denise London: The Bariatric Beauty Queen

by reeger on July 23, 2014


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In this episode I bring you the wonderful Denise London, also known as the Bariatric Beauty Queen.

By early 2010 Denise was on pills and insulin to control her type 2 diabetes. She had sleep apnea, worsening asthma, chronic knee pain, and chronic calf pain that was so vexing she saw 22 different medical specialists. She also weighed 237 pounds and had a BMI of 37.

Adding to her mounting health concerns was that fact that she had a significant family history of type 2 diabetes, strokes, diabetes-related blindness, high blood pressure, and early deaths of a number of her family members all due to complications from poorly controlled type 2 diabetes. She did not want a similar fate.

She knew that her excess weight was a major contributor to her medical problems. Like many people, she went on every diet out there. Also like many people, she would lose the weight, then regain it.

At the encouragement of her diabetes doctor she looked into bariatric surgery. After doing her research she went ahead with RYGB in November of 2010.

Since then she has not only lost her excess weight, maintaining her weight around 155 pounds, but her diseases associated with excess weight, including her diabetes, are in complete remission. Equally important is that along the way she has found her inner Bariatric Beauty Queen and the 7 Principles of Success that she lives by each and every day.

In this episode Denise shares:

  • Her struggles with obesity and attempts to lose weight.
  • Her families history of type 2 diabetes.
  • The diseases she struggled with including insulin dependent type 2 diabetes.
  • Why she decided to have bariatric surgery and RYGB specifically.
  • Her frustration with online support and resources for people that have had bariatric surgery.
  • The power of positive thinking.
  • Her lingering struggles with body dysmorphia and how she combats the problem.
  • The importance of following the rules and keeping track of your progress.
  • Her thoughts regarding excess skin and plastic surgery.
  • Hydration and exercise, especially for skin care.
  • How WLS effected her relationship with her husband.
  • What surprised her about life after WLS.
  • Self-Confidence versus Narcissism.
  • Her two most prized positions in the world.

The Bariatric Beauty Queen’s 7 Principles of Success:
1) Nurture your inner Queen or King to maintain a positive attitude.
2) Boldly embrace your unique style.
3) Eat well to feel well.
4) Exercise at least 30 minutes per day.
5) Take your prescribed vitamins to feel well inside and out.
6) Eat enough Protein to protect your body.
7) Document your journey to stay inspired.

Ways to Connect with Denise:
Website: Bariatric Beauty Queen 
Twitter: @My_BBQueen
Facebook: Bariatric Beauty Queen 
Youtube: Denise London

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