028 Living Your Wildest Dreams- A Conversation with BandedWendy

by reeger on June 9, 2014

Wendy became BandedWendy on 3/23/2009 when she had Lap-Band surgery. In this episode Wendy takes us on her journey from being a successful person in all areas of her life, except her weight, to now living the life of her wildest dreams, which includes successfully losing weight and keeping her excess weight off through healthy nutrition, frequent exercise, and help from her appropriately adjusted Lap-Band. PicM In this episode BandedWendy discusses: 

  • Life before the band.
  • Why she chose Lap-Band over other WLS options.
  • Apollo Endosurgery
  • Becoming educated on nutrition, portion sizes, and appropriate food choices.
  • Discovering the taste and texture of food.
  • Learning how to drink water.
  • Beginning to exercise and how exercise has become her regular, everyday, healthy hobby.
  • How important it has been for her to seek out support from like-minded people.
  • Who carry’s the greatest responsibility: Wendy or her Lap-Band?
  • What hunger meant to Wendy before Lap-Band and what hunger means now.

BandedWendy’s wish list for all of you: 1) Determine what your personal accountability “metric” is going to be. 2) Seek out support from people who “get it.” 3) Set goals for yourself but realize there is no perfection and the work getting towards those goals is more important that reaching the goal itself. 4) Follow the rules of your surgical program, go for follow-up, advocate for yourself. Bonus Content: My enthusiasm for doing the WLS Podcast My Rule of Thirds BandedWendy’s 10:1 ratio rule. Ways to Connect with Wendy Facebook-YouTube-BandedWendy Facebook-YouTube-Proof WLS Works Facebook BandedWendy WLS Success Matters Website Email: WLSucessmatters@gmail.com Twitter: @BandedWendy Follow me on Twitter @preegerc email me at reeger@weightlosssurgerypodcast.com In Kindness, Reeger

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