026 Considering WLS? A conversation with John Bukenas

by reeger on May 12, 2014



In this episode, John Bukenas and I talk about weight loss surgery from the perspective of someone who is considering surgery.
John is a fellow podcaster and is the creator of the podcast, Let’s Reverse Obesity, where he talks about his own struggles with the disease of obesity. It’s a great podcast and I totally recommend you check it out.

Topics discussed include:

  • John’s recent struggles with weight re-gain.
  • His fear of losing food as his “emotional crutch” if he has WLS.
  • My profession as a nurse practitioner and my passion for caring for people who have had WLS.
  • Goals of WLS: Quantity of life and Quality of life.
  • The most common regret I hear people express after having WLS.
  • Going on the trip to the foreign land called “Life After Weight Loss Surgery.”
  • The types of surgeries commonly performed today.
  • The science and physiology of WLS: Why it is different (more effective) than simply following a WLS protocol (nutrition, exercise, hydration, vitamins, behavior) without actually having surgery.
  • Physical hunger vs emotional hunger. Why do you eat?
  • After WLS, does a person ever stop losing weight?
  • The criteria for having surgery. Who is considered a candidate?
  • When should a person consider having WLS?
  • What types of support groups are there and do you have to go to the support group offered by your surgical practice or can you go to a different one?
  • The science of sugar addiction and the work of Dr Nicole Avena.
  • The Obesity Action Coalition annual convention in Orlando, Florida this September (I’ll be there!).
  • Emotional triggers and taking a pause when tempted to repeat old behaviors.
  • Men and emotions.
  • The importance of self trust and trustworthiness.
  • The work of James Clear and developing good habits.
  • There is no failure, only feedback.
  • Being in remission from the disease of obesity.
  • Reaching out and helping others.
  • The power of our beliefs. What we believe to be true, we repeatedly manifest through our thoughts and our actions.
  • Claiming your LIFE is hard work, but well worth the effort.

Mentions in this episode:
Let’s Reverse Obesity with John Bukenas
Dr Nicole Avena
Obesity Action Coalition
Obesity Action Coalition Annual Convention
James Clear

Ways to reach me:
Twitter: @preegerc
Facebook: Southern Oregon Bariatric Center
Pinterest: Weight Loss Surgery Podcast.

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