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by reeger on April 11, 2014


Abby Lentz, 66 years old, has been practicing Yoga for over 42 years.AbbyL

In 2004 Abby took her personal Yoga practice to a whole new level when she became a Kripalu trained Yoga instructor. It was during this training and early on in her instructing that she realized the critical importance of creating a Yoga format that was relevant for people with obesity. It was from this understanding that she founded HeartFelt Yoga. Her goal is to help people enjoy the gifts of “Yoga for the Body You Have Today.” Additionally, because she understands the importance of helping Yoga instructors better understand how to teach people with obesity she created the HeavyWeight Yoga National Teacher Training program.
In this episode we discuss:Abby sitting

  • How and why she founded HeartFelt and HeavyWeight Yoga.
  • What Yoga IS and what Yoga is Not.
  • Asana: The Yoga Postures.
  • The meaning of “Sweet discomfort” in Yoga
  • How to begin your Yoga journey: Tips to finding the right class and the right teacher.
  • Shivasina: The relaxation at the end of every Yoga class or practice.
  • Meditation: Abby discusses why meditation is so important and how to begin. Hint: You sit and breath. Start there.
  • Size and body acceptance, what it is, what it is not.
  • The importance of paying attention to your health, regardless of your bodies size.
  • Abby tells the story of how people responded, both good and bad, when she recently lost weight and how she recognized that if people struggled with her losing weight, that was their own struggle, she did not make it her own problem.
  • How to connect with Abby (See details below)

Favorite Quotes:
I love how Abby discusses the role of Yoga as the “invisible net” of her life that always catches her and lifts her up, keeping her from crashing onto the bottom. Yoga does not prevent her from emotionally falling down but having Yoga in her life means she is less damaged when she falters. I also loved when she stated: “Your satisfaction and willingness to participate is attached to your expectations.”

DVD: HeavyWeight Yoga 2: Change the Image of Yoga
DVD: HeavyWeight Yoga: Yoga for the Body You Have Today
All of Me Movie
PBS Short on HeavyWeight Yoga
Twitter: @AbbyLentz
Facebook: HeartFeltYoga.com
Email: Abby@HeartFeltYoga.com

In Peace and with Connection,

Reeger Cortell, FNP-C


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