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by reeger on March 17, 2014


An Interview with Antonia Namnath, CEO and founder of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of Americawlsfalogo

Antonia, aka Toni, underwent RYGB in 2009 after a life-long struggle with obesity and being oxygen dependent due to Pickwickian Syndrome. As Toni relates in this episode, she was fortunate enough to have the ability to fund her own surgery out of pocket. Through the benefits of WLS Toni got her health and her life back. In 2010 she traveled to a meet & greet in Las Vegas where she met other WLS people that she had connected with over Youtube. It was during this time that she discovered the sad and frustrating reality that many obese people face: Either insurance will not pay for WLS or the person cannot afford to pay for the surgery themselves. Based on this knowledge, she founded WLSFA to help those struggling with obesity and in need of financial assistance to enable them to have WLS.  <!–more–>
The Mission of the WLSFA is three-fold:

1) Ending Obesity by empowering people to move from surviving to thriving through weight loss surgery, education, and support.
2) Performing charitable services and supporting research to find solutions to enhance the quality of life of the morbidly obese community.
3) Raising awareness and funds for surgery.

To date the WLSFA has helped pay for the WLS expenses for 11 people.
In this episode Toni goes over the process of the WLSFA Grant Referral Program.
Here is a link to details of the ToniBeforNowGrant Referral Program and FAQ

Additional information Toni goes over in this episode includes:

  • How does WLSFA choose the grants recipient.
  • Where does the WLSFA get the money from.
  • Why is it so hard to get insurance coverage.
  • What is included in a full grant package.
  • What comprises the steps of the “three-legged stool” made of the grant recipient, the surgeon, and the WLSFA.

Mentions during this episode
Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America
(415) 234-9074

2014 WLSFA Meet & Greet, The Sands and Seas Adventure, Tampa, FL, April 4,5,6th 2014

Bristol Hospital

If you head to the WLSFA Meet & Greet conference let me know!

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