004 The Personal Stories Episode

by reeger on July 29, 2013


Granite stone pathwayThis episode of the WLS Podcast is unique compared to the prior episodes. I have been on holiday which has included a large family reunion and some very relaxing time with my husband and daughters. All this has given me time to reflect and look back on my life and in the words of Steve Jobs, connect the dots.

Consequently, this episode of the WLS Podcast is dedicated to sharing stories of the past. I take this opportunity to share a few pivotal moments in my life that helped to form and transform me to who I am today.

In this episode I tell the stories of:

How I learned the true meaning of unconditional love and letting go.

What I came to understand of the meaning of Time and the Eternal Now.

How an accident taught me to let go of my fears.

And how I came to listen to two very unconventional forms of communication, and how what was told to me changed my life for the better each time.


I hope you enjoy this episode and that perhaps it will help you to consider the importance of the lessons you have learned in your past and how those lessons, even if you did not know you were learning them at the time, have propelled you forward to new and better things.


In peace and with connection,


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